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  • Free Construction Safety Audit Checklist

Free Construction Safety Audit Checklist Template Valued at $80


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Safety Audit Checklist Valued at $80

 22% of on-job fatalities happen on construction sites.  That is an alarming figure, that should be reduced with more safety audit adherence and identifying workplace hazards before they harm or kill.




A safety audit should pay particular attention to the following. Major obstacles on building and construction sites that post the most risk of danger are:



Any trench over five feet deep must be properly shored and sloped.  Ground conditions should be monitored daily for fear of cave-ins and mud slides.



This is the number one reason for most of the accidents reported.  Falls result from unstable equipment, lack of protection, and scaffolding and stairways that are not safe.


Equipment Problems

Equipment on the job can cause problems by uncovering and hitting buried electric and gas lines; hitting high power lines; and failing to see potential hazards or even people nearby as the sight lines of the operator are usually compromised for blind areas near to the equipment.


Chemical Hazards

Sometimes asbestos, solvents and carbon monoxide problems cause problems for workers on sites. Care should be taken for identifying, handling, burn prevention, and how to prevent respiratory problems.  Fire and Explosions are always a danger.

Hard Hats

These should always be worn as they have been able to prevent accidents and serious injuries from falling object, accidental electrical contact and collisions with equipment.



Frequent inspections, attaching grounds, taking time to find power sources to shut off and engaging lock out/tag out systems on heavy equipment can help prevent mishaps with electrical sources.



Without the proper scaffolding towers, site fencing, and safety measures in place, not only is there risk to the life and limb of workers, but delays in work resulting in missed deadlines and even full stoppages of construction sites can cost large amounts of money. A safety audit should be performed on a regular basis.


If the event of an incident on site, the safety audit could be used as evidence in court to either support or defend a claim of negligence.


Ensure you are taking adequate measures to ensure the safety of your workers by downloading our free checklist, Construction Workplace Hazards Identification and Safety Audit Checklist Template.



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