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Understanding the Safety Induction

What is a safety induction?
A safety induction is a training session that introduces your workers to your site, organization, on-site rules, safety management plan, emergency procedures, incident reporting requirements, hazard reporting requirements, and many other crucial aspects of your operation.

While much of the information delivered in different safety induction sessions is similar, each also contains site-specific information. A typical safety induction lasts between half an hour and two hours.

Why do I need to provide my workers with a safety induction?
It’s the law, at least when it comes to construction work in Australia. The majority of Australian territories have regulatory requirements for safety induction training that you are expected to comply with.

Beyond the legal requirements, it is also your ethical responsibility as an employer to promote safety in your workplace. Since you are requiring your employees to perform tasks that could result in serious injury or death, it is only right that you should teach them how to protect themselves.

What is a safety induction checklist template?
A safety induction checklist template is a form that includes all of the standard items that must be covered during a safety induction session while also providing room for customisation.

For example, our free safety induction template includes two blank table items where you can add in topics specific to your site. At the top of our safety induction checklist template is room to fill in your site address, each employee’s name, and the date of each employee’s induction. As you and your workers cover each safety induction topic, you can go down the line together and check “YES” for each topic you discuss, plus add any comments specific to your site. When finished, both you and each employee will sign and date each safety induction checklist form. This proves that you have fulfilled your obligation to provide a safety induction and provides a convenient way to document which workers attended the session.

We suggest that you print out one safety induction checklist for each new worker expected to arrive on site, plus a few extra copies.

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